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Welcome to Imperial Fishing: Brad Smudzinski
Max Nollert:I am really happy that you are with us and appreciate each minute when we shared our forces to match a great expo in Montlucon, following in Graz and as well as your fantastic „Brad`n Burger Bar“ at our 10 years jubilee party. You are what a teamplayer needs to have and give. Even that you live so many years in germany – your US boy manners are well visible and very welcome and give us an additinal good „smell“ in the Imperial Fishig Team.
Good luck and tight lines, max

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Hi, fellow carping addicts.

My name is Brad Smudzinski and I am an American born in New York. I came to Germany in 1995 as a US Army Infantry soldier and was stationed in Grafenwoehr Germany.


In 1997 I was married to a great German girl and in 1998 our son, Jake Lee was born. I have loved Germany since the first day I arrived and have decided to call it home for as long as I can. I recall taking a bus from the airport to the hotel and seeing all the natural beauty of the area. Rolling hills, green pastures, and trees for miles. I am a child of nature and it is outdoors and on the water where I feel most comfortable.


In 2009 I finally went through the process of getting my German fishing license through the Army and German authorities. Once I began fishing here in Germany I was once again “infected” with the fishing virus I had as a child. Every free moment was spent on the water. I read every magazine about fishing I could find, watched all the DVDs and simply surrounded myself in the German fishing culture. It was not long before I discovered carp fishing at the local club I belonged to. Fascinated at once with all the gear and the size of the fish I quickly found a mentor and focused on carp alone. I came across Imperial Baits at some point in my learning period and was really satisfied with the results. Monster’s Paradise became my go to boilie and I found the dip to be the hammer!


As there are few Americans who carp fish I soon found myself as the “go to man” when other US Boys had questions about carp angling. In 2010 I attended a course at the Bayrische Fischerei Institute where I became certified to instruct and license US Army soldiers to obtain the German fishing license.


Instructing lessons…

…with IB Starterpacks for everybody!

I also became a fishing warden on the Army base and was eventually elected as President of the Hunting, Fishing and Sport Shooting Club. With a presence on the Army base as an instructor/warden/ and President of the club I was able to develop a strong social media backing and worked my way with some sponsorship to the 2013 World Carp Classic at Lake Bolsena in Italy.


It was there where I first met Max. I introduced myself to him and explained that I thought there was a market in Germany selling carp gear to Americans stationed in Germany. When I teach a class on the Army base there are 20 newly licensed anglers a course (100 a year). There are always three or four who show real interest in “euro style carp angling”. I take them out for a session, cover the basics, introduce Imperial Baits to them and wish them tight lines.


Max to me, is the perfect type of person to be successful in the industry. He is hard working, a perfectionist, self motivated, has a good sense of humor, and is excellent with people. Too often I find in Germany a poor customer service attitude. Unlike in America where retailers work for your business and work hard to keep you it almost seems as if some euro based retailers act as if we as customers are lucky to have them! I’m not sure if it is competition based or a cultural style. But Max, no- this guy really gets it. An open ear and real concern for what anglers want. This is why I was so happy when he asked me to be a part of his team. This Imperial Fishing crew is not just any group of big fish anglers, but rather a family where all can lean on the other’s strengths. Together the individuals build a top team. I look forward to working with Imperial Baits in the future and appreciate Max giving this American carp angler a shot at the Big Leagues.

Tight Lines,

Brad’n Burger Bar on the 10 years Jubi Party from Imperial Fishing

Brad in Action on the big Montlucon Expo in France


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