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Balaton Carpfishing
from Zsolt Bundik

In the beginning of May I fished on the Hungarian Sea, the Lake Balaton.
I hope that, the carp eat actively in the warming water and I will be able to catch some pieces of them. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to me, because a strong cold-front arrived with heavy wind and a lot of rain. The weather was 8-12 degrees during the day, and in the night it was only 4-5 degrees. The water temperature was only 12 degrees. It is interest, the water temperature was 18 degrees in the same time of the last year.

Unfortunately, the storm warning was often set to second-degree, so it wasn’t always possible to go on the water by boat. In this part of the lake where I fished was no underwater structure, so I was looking after big mussel colonies in the muddy soil with the help of a feeler rod. I noticed the goat nail shells – which are the main food of the Balaton carp. During my fishing trip I try to find the food-place of the fish. My tactic was successful, because I feed only 3 kg Monster-Liver and Elite boilies, and despite the bad weather conditions I could catch a lot of nice carp on the great lake. The biggest fish of the week was a strong carp which weights 20,60 kg. In this year I will visit the Lake once again in the middle of November.

Balaton – the hungarian sea
1 Balaton, the hungarian sea

Water, water, water
2 Water, water, water

My camp
3 My camp

My best friend iBoat 260, for every situation.
4. My best friend IBOAT, for every situation

And I need strong batteries to come forward on this heavy water!

I count on my Rebelcells Li-Ion akkus.

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Sometimes it not easy
5 Sometimes it not easy

Big waves – not easy to fish!
6 Waves cause not easy fishing

I was not alone
7 Not alone

They move next to my feeding spot…
8 They move next to my feeding

First fight!
9 First fight

This is mine 🙂
10 This is mine

Because of the strong wind and waves, it was very hard to raw!
11 Becasue of wind, the moving was hard on lake

The first one
11 Not an average carp

I put the rod out again – carp are here!
12. I take again, because carps on my feeding

I feed just a few boilies – it is my style to fish with less boilies but high attractive!
13 I feed just few boilies

Therefore I give them always a bait pimp with Carptrack Additives!

But my success is only possible with high quality boilies and that’s why I’m using Imperial Baits Carptrack BOilies!
14 I could thanks that carp to good place and best quaility bait

I had to fight for this carp!
15 I need to fight for that carp

The water was very cold, but that carp seems not too hungry 🙂
16 The water was cold, but that carp seems not too hungry

The whole trip was windy and cloudy.
17 Whole trip was windy and cloudy

The Balaton Carp prefer eating during the day. This was the last one in the late evening
18 Carps prefer day not night for eating

Big one again!
19 Big one again

The Elite boilie is the best choice at Balaton.
20 The elit boilie is the best at Balaton

The storm comes again…
21 The storm comes again

And with the storm the carp came too
22 and with storm comes carps too

6th day – the wind could be better 🙂
23 6th day the wind could be better

Next Balaton fighter on the end of my line!
24 Carps just comes and comes

BIG COMMON from the BIG Balaton!
25 Beautiful from Balaton

Another one who loves the IB Carptrack Elite Boilies!
26 Perfect

Next one please!
27 and they just comes

Over 20 kg!
28 Over 20 kg

20,60kg exactly 🙂
29 20,60kg exactly

Thanks Balaton!
30 Thanks Balaton, thanks Imperial baits

Thanks Imperial Baits for the high quality carpfood on which I can count every time!
48. Köszönöm IB
Best regards,
Zsolt Bundik

NEW VIDEO: Carpfishing on big lakes in Europe
from Zsolt Bundik

Carpfishing on big lakes in Europe – by Zsolt Bundik from Max Nollert on Vimeo.

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