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First trip in 2018!

von Wojciech Ozimek
I began this season with a one-week trip to the Gosławice lake. The weather was in my favour, although
the first few days were cold and rainy. I made a reservation on the stand no. 5, but my sets often landed
on the stand no.4 as in the middle of that stand lied the deepest point of the lake. The temperature of the
water on the first day reached 4°C and a strong wind blew towards my shore.

The best results (as I later concluded) came in the first day.

The first catch of the trip was caught with a single Imperial Baits Cold Water Monster Liver 16mm boilie.

The next bite happened at the crack of dawn, I heard the bait alarm going off just after the

I spent the next few days without a single *beep*. The sun began to shine, the temperature rose and the
wind turned towards the opposite shore. Because of this, my sets were thrown onto the exact center of the

I searched for some shallows, which my section of the lake unfortunately did not provide. I decided to
look for more shallow water on nearby empty stands. After a couple of days the water reached 10°C, but
the temperature on the bottom was 5-6 °C.

The fish began to appear on about meter deep shallows. Ignoring sings of jumping smaller fish, I placed my set at a depth of 2.3m. It was a deepening ending with a ditch- an almost 3m deep one.

The first bite happened during the day, and the result was a beautiful carp caught with a Monster LiverCold Water 20 mm boilie spiced up with INL and Power Powder.
Pleased, seeing the fish started moving after a few days of staying quiet, i decided to keep my bait near
this spot. The next bite ocurred at night.

The result was an extremely vigorous carp, also caught with Monster Liver Cold Water 20mm.
Although the Big Fish of the trip was caught with an Imperial Baits Banana boilie. The bite hppened at noon, a day before I left Gosławice.

I consider this trip to be a successful one, for a beginning of the season- it’s not a bad result. Omitting a
few breams, I caught 6 fish, whose weight wavered from 5 to 10 kilograms. I think I’ll visit this lake many
more times, but for now I’ll have to wait ‚till life truly blooms all over it, giving it its unique conditions
and atmosphere.
All the best, and see you by the water!

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Short trip effects

von Wojciech Ozimek
Often when I find out I have a free weekend, it happens in a moment when I no longer have time to select the most promising location. Not far from my house, about 10 minutes by car actually, there is a little five- hectar lake “Lin”. The lake has a rather sludgy bottom, snags happen quite often and the pressure is unbelievable. It is dominated by carps weighing up to 10kg, and catching a one that’s above 15kg can be considered a success.

The tactic I chose was simple, V Pop Up soaked with the Monster Liver flavour– it usually brought the expected effects

My friend who had been fishing for the 3 past days couldn’t boast much, however that didn’t discourage me so I layed out my sets…and didn’t have to wait long!

Untill evening I caught 6 fish, but only the ones which deserved it were given the honor of a photo:)

At first I intended to place all my sets with a bait boat, however the more takes happened the more discouraged from dragging the boat from the tent I felt :P. Taking up this tactic, I was throwing 3m 2.75lb fishing rods with a fishing line with the diameter of 0.40mm for a distance not exceeding 60 metres.

The amount of takes was incredible, literally every 30 minutes I had a new fish landing on my matt. Sometimes you need a trip on which fish don’t let you take your eyes off the rods for a single second, and their weight isn’t of the essence.

I mainly prebait my sets with crushed Monster Liver Cold Water boilies with an addition of see water and Full Fat GLM.

During these three days, over 30 fish had landed in the crib, the catches came in waves on mornings and evenings. The biggest fish of the trip weighed about 10kg, but catching it was a hell of an effort! My next trip, on a more demanding water will last a week, and you can expect the story to appear shortly!
Wish you only bests, cheers!

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