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BEO Experience

Bin El Ouidane, the paradise for all nature lovers and carp anglers! Crystal clear water, rocky beaches, red land, starry nights as if we were on the moon and wonderful carp!

We used our products from Imperial Baits, predominantly IB Carptrack Monsters Paradise 24mm boilies, Monsters Paradise Amino Dip and Amino Gel; yellow and white floating neutral boilies of the VPops line, measuring 20mm and 16mm; IB Carptrack liquid powder paste wrapped arround the lead; the IB Carptrack Rambo Banana, the sinking boilie but slight like a popup; the deadly Dip Scopex/Butter; the IB Carptrack Crawfish line composed by Amino Dip, Amino Gel and 24mm boilies and the IB Carptrack Power Powder to the taste of Roasted Peanuts, which we added to the corn, to give it an attractive element.

The technique we used was the following:

We started with a lot of particles and small boilies (20mm, 16mm), then we decreased the kilos of particles and increased the diameter of our Boilies (24mm, 24 + 24mm, 24 + 20mm Hookbaits). We used a simple Rig, Hair Rig and Blow Back rig with a minimum length of 20/30 cm for the sinker rigs and a maximum of 15 cm for PopUp presentations. We used 100g iRocks!

Here are some impressions

Special thanks go to Max Nollert and Eugenio Morini for the essential support and all the anglers who would like to make this trip, be quiet because a Bin El Ouidane security is very high, just remember that in these places:

„Nature does not have to adapt to us, but we have to adapt to it“

Team Imperial Fishing Italy
Alessandro Baccoli

Jetzt mitbieten!

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