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Orlando’s first contact with Imperial Baits

To many anglers autumn is as welcome as the rain to farmers after hot summer days!

New in the this “world”, I am conscientious about the huge challenge I accepted to fish and promote the Imperial Fishing / Imperial Baits brand being part of the Imperial-Baits Team Portugal.

I realise that good and quality baits bring more carps to the mat, and the huge quality of Imperial Baits is recognize by many catches day after day all over Europe! It´s impressive!

The big day arrived, the day that I will fish for three days with the other two members of Imperial-Baits Team Portugal, António Lopes Nunes and António Pires. The day comes and there we go to the south of Portugal, the lake is “ZPL-Boavista” which is currently managing by APCF (Association Portuguese of Carp Fishing). I take this opportunity to thank all those who care for the maintenance of this “paradise”, which is recognize by many anglers as the best lake to carp fishing in Portugal!

Arrived about ten o’clock, and the first decision was here to put our biwy. The dry season make the water level very low and we need to decide the best place to fish and explore all over the lake.

Now is time to explore the lake. We need to find hot spots. The iBoat 210 is perfect to do this job! Fast, operational, enough interior room to accommodate battery, bucket, eco sounder… The Imperial Baits Buoyant Marker Pole 6,5 m with Weight & Bag can also be used as prodding stick to find clear areas, gravel, rocks, muddy… Al this as found during the first stage of the session.

Biwy in the place, hot spots found, now is time to prepare the baiting mix. For this I used IB Amino Pellets 15 and 4mm, 16 and 20mm boilies (whole and cute) IB Crawfish Black & White. For increase attraction, I add IB In-Liquid 40ml/kg, IB Amino Dip 30ml/Kg and IB Intense Fish Oil 20ml/kg. All well mixed and left to dry while we set up the rods…

My first choice of Imperial Baits range will be IB Crawfish Black & White boilies. Both colours Black & White with the same taste and smell, white quality ingredients as Fishmeal, Add Fat, Protein Concentrate, Squid-Liver, with  27% portion of crayfish powder (the whole animal), and the crawfish and monster crab flavour, keep my attention and something tells me this will give me many smiles!

In the first rig, I try a 24mm IB Crawfish White Boilie. The second rig, a 24mm IB Crawfish Black Boilie with a little plastic corn on top. The firth rig, a snowman with a 24mm IB Crawfish White with a 16mm IB Crawfish pop up. All rigs well dipped with the IB Crawfish Amino Dip and then the IB Crawfish Amino Gel.

Four hours past until I get the first run! A beautiful mirror with 9,1kg!

Until the end of the day, two more catches!

Second day, 04:00 am

The bite alarm screams like crazy and run out the bed chair to pick the rod…but was not the one I expected…was a small one full with life and strength!

Rig checked, all ok and cast the rig to spot. Throwing stick in the hand, and a handful of boilies IB Crawfish Black & White.

Morning as come, all rigs out to be check (last day we notice the presence of crayfish in the lake). Rigs in place again, and another handful of boilies in top of each rig…

Is breakfast time the bite alarm start ringing very shy…I get up from chair and stay close the rod ready to action! Now I can see clear the line moving to right and the hanger slowly goes up…Antonio Lopes was filming at this point and says me, “wait….wait….” but I am getting nervous with this, so I pick up the rod and felt that the fish is hooked! Antonio get mad, I wants to film the whole run… but the most important is that the carp is hooked! The fight with the fish is more intense than previous, so this could be a bigger fish.

I start to realise that this could be my new PB…During the fight it came to my mind how good Imperial Baits boilies are! Is here, in the water the place we can realise how good some baits are, the difference between using high quality baits, here is another proof! When I saw by the first time the size of the carp my legs shaking… The scales indicate 14,800kg!

Now I am right, this is my new PB! What a start with this new challenge! Is time to contemplate the

Treatment with Carp´R´Us Antiseptic. One of the best I ever used

Go my dear you made my day!

Deep breath, rig in the water, a handful of boilies IB Crawfish Black & White on top… another run, another beautiful carp! The scales indicate 12,300kg

What a start of session….until now, my PB was just a little above 10kg…now I am playing with another weapons, now I realise once more how important is to use and choose only quality baits… also my team mates are very happy with my new PB and my performance! This is carp fishing in pure state!

After 48 hours, average size of catches start to decrease I change my rigs, and put two 24mm Imperial Baits Black & White boilies well dipped in Imperial Baits Amino Dip and Imperial Baits Amino Gel. I am trying to avoid small ones…

The end of the session is near, and the catches slow down when I try big balls… however, this was a great session with the others two Imperial Baits Portugal Team members. I have no doubt about this high quality baits! Really makes difference.

I listened to many stories about anglers beating there´s PB with Imperial Baits, that not stories my friend that only the true… try for yourself and believe!

The rig of success: Carp´R´Us Centurion nº4 with mouth aligner

Next session already on my mind…good carping to all!

fish and take some pictures.

Tight lines,

Antonio Orlando Dores
Team Imperial-Baits Portugal


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