New Video on the Imperial Fishing TV Youtube site!
This funny annimated film from Italian team member Sergio Ceccarelli is a fun watch for the whole family and features some nice captures as well! Thanks for the great job Sergio! Mega.Krill is living!

Luka Vukas informs about Croatian market:

„Hello to all iBlog readers. I hope that all of you are planning some vacation-fishing trips soon, or maybe only a quick weekend fishing. Now it has been 3 years since IB has come back to the croatian market once again. These 3 years were really exciting and very stressfull to work through, but when I see a lot of satisfied anglers in the whole country, I know that all our stress, pain and persistence paid off. Now, croatian anglers can buy IB articles in 5 shops in Croatia. That is a lot if you know that Croatia has only 4,5 milion people. Now, we are stronger than any time before, we have a good carp team and we will try to keep you informed as much as we can. Because, WE LOVE TO FISH!

You can follow all news and updates on our CroFB page:

Below, I have prepared for you some reports of our team members and other satisfied anglers who used our Carptrack products.

First of all, our new angler Mario Horvat is really active and you will read a lot of his material here on iBlog in future. He is a real adventure carp angler and he really lives every moment of his life for fishing.

Here is his last video:

Mario recently had a sucessful fishing trip at a big acumulation lake and you will read that report here on our iBlog.IB Carptrack Mega.Krill works really well on all croatian waters and I am very happy for that.

Be sure to check out the iBay auctions if you are needing a good used iBoat at a great price which might need some help. Further Boats are being added regularly.

Nikola Jambrešić is my good friend and he likes IB products too. He was fishing one small gravel pit in our neighborhood and he was really successful at his first visit there. He managed to catch one beautiful wild warrior. He was there, and I was with him maybe 10 times later, but without any sign of carp, except 3 jumps above underwater trees. We are very curious about that water, but I think that there are only few carps inside but a lot of natural carp food. And you cant easily catch them, just sometimes, if you have IB on your rig 😀

Elvis Jajetić is the son of Fish Hunter shop owner and he is a great angler. His main water is Koprivnička Šoderica (big old gravel pit with nice carps inside) and he is very successful there. Because of large amount of small catfish, bream and other fish species inside, fishing with boilie in warm summer months is not option. I was there personally in October last year and you can reset your systems every 30-40 minutes. I recorded some nice material with underwater camera and there is a thousand small cats and others who can destroy your boilies in few minutes. So, that the only option for fishing is corn and tiger nut. We all believe in IB so for additional attraction we like to use IB Carptrack Amino Dips and Gels.

Antonio Ferenčić and Elvis like to fish together and most of time and they like to visit a lot of lakes in Croatia. Last time, they were on a pay lake where they had good results with IB Carptrack Monster Liver products.

Son of Antonio will be great angler one day, just like his father!

Mario Andračić and Mario Šaban were fishing a gravel pit near their houses for 10 days. First was Andračić and he caught this Big One on IB Carptrack Banana Boilies. 10 days later, Šaban fished the same lake with IB Carptrack RAMBO Banana and he caught this nice common carp. IB Carptrack Banana Boilies is a great boilie which works on, I am sure, every type of water.

Karlo Posavec is great angler and he believes in Carptrack products for sure. He lives close to Koprivnička Šoderica and he also use our Dips and Gels. He caught some nice carp there and this one fatty carp is great prize for him.

Igor Hojsak Hojs is our legendary fishermen who really enjoys every minute of his life. He is traveling across the country and looking for carp, as well as over the border. He had good fishing trip on Tribalj lake, when the sun was very strong but IB Carptrack Monsters Paradise baits did the job well.

Darko Župan had great night at local gravel pit where he fed with IB Carptrack Monster Liver. He had 5 carp in one night which is great result for such a low stock gravel pit. There is not a lot of carps inside, but IB is the favorite for difficult lakes.

 Also, Darko won a competition recently. He won the competition with almost twice the difference in weight between his and the second placed team. Well done Darko, we are really happy because you believe in our products.

Our team member Domagoj Mihinica spent few nights at a big gravel pit. He had good results with Scopana.Love boilie. He choose 30mm diameter for his rigs and he was right. He had some nice carp as you can see in the two pictures.

 I am happy to write and tell you about the great results in Croatia. Today the web is full of recepies and “carp boilie masters”. There are many choices for customers to choose from but as you can see, our results speaks for us.

Tight lines!
Luka Vukas“

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