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C’est officiel ! Le 26/10/2018

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Avoid mistakes…von Tomek Szklarek

There are some trips that we are looking forward to. We count every month, day and hour. Waiting in suspense increases with each day you crossed out on the calendar. Sitting in front of the computer in the evening and writing these words, I remember day after day the preparations and the course of the expedition. Now it’s cool after some thoughts on what I did well, where I made a mistake. Yes, we all make a mistake. The most important thing is to draw conclusions from them and try not to commit them again. In my opinion, this is the key to success.

I used simple sets with single boilies or snowmans.

How did it start? One evening right at the beginning of the year Paweł called me with a proposal of a trip together. As we know each other practically „from childhood“ I have not thought for a moment. A week-long trip to the indestructible trio (together with Krystian) in mid-May sounds beautiful. The first months of the year pass quickly. Daily duties take the thoughts about sitting down to the background. But somewhere in the back of my head I still have this thought about the day when we set off. Preparations, purchases, replenishment of „stock levels“, establishment of initial tactics. I feel ready. Paweł, as he was incredibly lucky to be over the lake, had already given us instructions. Crystal clear water. Silence and huge fish which are our goal.

The evening is coming. I had already packed the day before in order not to forget anything. At the agreed time we throw our equipment into the van and make an appointment to leave at midnight. After returning home I tried to fall asleep. Guess if I was successful? At a pre-established time everyone reports on the spot. We set off. Seven hours of driving in front of us – fortunately, the route runs smoothly with carpy conversations and the smell of coffee. A dozen or so kilometres before the destination we stop in a traffic jam. An accident will delay our journey for a good half an hour. A few minutes later the rain streams fall and we are greeted on the spot.

Imperial Fishing Legend Carp 12ft 3lb

We jump out of the car and look at the water. None of us is worried about the rain. Almost 10 hectares of gravel pit, crystal clear (drinkable) water and only we. Silence and huge fish that we wanted to outsmart. For a week this will be our home, probably each of us would like these seven days to be the longest in his life.

Proven and extremely hard IB Carptrack Rambo Crawfish + Pop’up

A few words about tactics. Gravel bottom with large boulders on the bottom and delicate silt in some places. As we couldn’t use braided lines, the choice fell on 0.35mm line  and a long section of durable 0.60mm diameter IF Shock It arrow that can easily handle any obstacles.

The first hours are the preparation of our camp. We hit one of the two weather windows on that day. Just after setting up the tents, heavy rain started to pour. It was the moment when we could prepare our sets and at least for a while regenerate after a sleepless night.

I feed with crumbled boilies, whole and halves. On the photo IB Carptrack Big Fish.

During the break in the rain I was able to go out with our rigs. The fishfinder and the tapfinder were necessary as usual. In a hurry before the next storm, I placed the rigs behind the falls on the bottom with a slight mud, being sure that carp will look for something to eat there. IB Carptrack Crawfish, Big Fish and Elite Strawberry hung on the hair. On each of the rigs I threw a few handfuls of balls. A moment later the waterfall returned from sky. Tired we went to sleep.

IB Carptrack Elite Strawberry is the absolute basis of every trip.

Just before midnight, in total darkness, I am woken up by the sound of a siren. I jump out of the tent, lift the rod and it is. The first fish of this trip. Gourmet of spices, black pepper oil and Robin Red added to Big Fish boilies. An incredibly strong fish, a heavy fight  of several minutes strengthens my conviction that it will not be easy.

The following hours pass quietly. The rhythmically raining rain allows you to sleep peacefully. The morning greets us with small explanations. Coffee, breakfast and get back to work. Right now I realized what a mistake I made. Due to the crystal clear water I decided not to mark places with markers. The plan was to mark them on the GPS, which of course in a hurry I did not take the previous day on a boat. Fortunately, remembering the layout of the bottom and the characteristic points on the shore, I managed to find a place from which I had my first bite. Supporting myself with an echo sounder and a knocker, I marked the remaining places on the GPS. The next hours and night are catfish strikes. In the end, there were several of them, all weighing about 15-18 kilograms.

On the third day of our sit down he greeted us with the sun. Beautiful fog that was floating over the water created an incredible view ideal for shooting. My wish has come true. Another Big Fish lover fought with me during an incredible fight. The largest fish had almost 20 kilograms and this beautiful view will remain in my memory forever.

After this magical morning we felt like in paradise. While resting we talked for hours. During lunch I had another bite on the middle rig placed more or less in the middle of the pit behind the drop with a Crawfish boilies. Another strong fish that gave a lot of excitement landed on a mat. A beautiful mirror with a huge tail returns home after a short photo shoot.

I put iRock on a safe clip, change the rig and set with the help of GPS and echo sounder lands perfectly in the same place in the company of several handfuls of whole and half balls waiting for the next visit. In the afternoon we pass by at barbecue talks and tasting local beer. The next bite appears. A pontoon fight with full sun and IB Legend Carp 12ft bent in a bow herald another fish. We return to the shore. The indication of the weight stops at a value of just over 18 kg. The local carp liked the sharp note of Big Fish. A beautiful, healthy fish prepared for spawning poses for me.

The next two days pass quietly on the observation of water, slowly irritating catfish lobbies and uneven fight against ubiquitous ticks. As we hunted typically large fish, we decided to make as little noise as possible. We didn’t replace the rigs with the certainty that it lies where it should be, and on the hair there is a boilie. Hard Rambo hookbaits bravely stand up to attacks of small fish and crayfish. For the next two days none of the strong inhabitants of this water visited my mat. The breakthrough occurred in the last night of our trip. Moments before two in the night for a set with Crawfish I have a bite. Amazing night’s silence and the sound of the reel brake from which the carp selects the next meters of line. A dozen or so minutes in total suspense and a knot from the shockleader appears. It is close by. Paweł picks up into the net beautiful mirror weighing less than 19 kilograms.

1The rig remains on the land, hoping for another bite of a big fish. Tired we lie down to sleep to be able to travel home in the morning after a quick breakfast. Right in the morning I have a bite on Fish, which for several dozen hours had been lying untouched in the water. I felt in the bones that something big catch this rig. I made a mistake, stupid. I lost my routine or maybe fatigue and unfortunately I was unable to haul this fish. As we later found out most likely the fish of the trip. I’ll come back for you,“ I thought…

Tomek Szklarek

Fangmeldung von Roman Strnad

Unser Tippspiel Gewinner Roman Strnad, konnte mit den gewonnen Elite Boilies, seinen neuen PB auf die Matte legen.
Fettes Petri Roman! der Köder zum Erfolg, IB Carptrack Elite Boilies 20mm

Kennst Ihr unseren Youtube Kanal ? 

Dort erwarten euch regelmäßig spannenden neue Videos aus dem In und Ausland.


dort findet Ihr wie zum Beispiel dieses Video über eine Session am Cavagnac Lake. 


iLife – der Lebensretter, bleib dran!

iLife – Update your life guarantee

iLife – der Lebensretter, bleib dran!
Mit dem iLife bleibst du am Boot und kannst dich wieder zurückziehen und die „Rettungsinsel“ besteigen. Quick release inklusive.
Kalte Wassertemperaturen, hohe Wellen und unter sich ein tobender Karpfen – ohne Schwimmweste in einem Schlauchboot – ein absolutes No Go! Schwimmwesten sind und bleiben absolute Pflicht! Dennoch, nur eine Unachtsamkeit und man liegt im kühlen Element, womöglich noch bei vollkommener Dunkelheit und das rettende Boot ist schon längst abgetrieben. Alleinige Rettungswesten helfen bei kaltem Wasser und fernab des Ufers im Sturm nicht sehr lange – es droht Erfrierungsgefahr! Wir bieten euch ab sofort die Zusatz-Lösung für diesen Extremfall an – iLife. Mit iLife bleibst du immer an deinem Schlauchboot, selbst wenn du mal über Bord gehen solltest, was wir keinem wünschen. Das Spiralkabel dehnt sich nach Bedarf auf 3m Länge.
Dieser kleine, nicht von uns erfundene Helfer, ist nicht nur leicht zu montieren, extrem platzsparend zu verstauen, sondern verhindert im Notfall auch ein Abtreiben eures Schwimmgefährts. Schnell und einfach angelegt bietet er Tragekomfort und Schutz zugleich. Save your life with Life Jacket + iLife! Quick release inklusive.
iLife – der Lebensretter, bleib dran!
Good carping, max nollert, Imperial Fishing

Hier eine kurze Abfolge über die Verwendung des iLife:

> Mit einer Dreifachsicherung im Inneren des Bootes am Heckspiegel.

Mit einer schnellen großen Schlaufe über Klett am Bein fixieren, inkl .Quick release.

> Dieses System ist nicht von uns erfunden, sondern stammt aus dem Wassersportbereich.

„iLife“ hier im Bild noch mit Info-Karton der selbstverständlich entfernt wird. 


Fangmeldung von David Fort

Diesen schönen Beauty, konnte David bei einem kurzen Wochenend Trip fangen. Als Köder benutzte er die IB Carptrack Elite Strawberry in 16mm. 








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