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iBoat 0.1 😉 1992

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Extremtest des neuen iBoat 360 „The Pioneer“, ausgerüstet mit einem über 80 kg schweren Außenboarder mit 30 PS, bei voller Last. Wie schnell wird das sein? No way is too far;-)
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Nur fliegen ist schöner! Nach 5 sec gehts ab…Extremtest des neuen iBoat 360 "The Pioneer", ausgerüstet mit einem über 80 kg schweren Außenboarder mit 30 PS, bei voller Last. Wie schnell wird das sein? No way is too far;-) mit Brad Smudzinski

Gepostet von Imperial Fishing Germany am Mittwoch, 15. August 2018

Competition, parte one

This year I have the pleasure to make one sponsorship agreement whit the big company Imperial Fishing / Imperial Baits. I look at this as one opportunity to get the best result in the Portuguese competition for carp fishing 2018. The previous know how of the past six seasons tell me that the lottery draw is the major key for success, if you are well prepared and if you know what to do with your spot, how to get the best from it. There will be three rounds, and in the final, just the victory can satisfied me.

Remember, the first round started in March but heavily rain during the event swallow two box and the round was aborted and considered, as the regulations say, invalid. If there are bad things that can be good, to me this was one of those cases. In March, I started to get first contact with all the range of Imperial Baits, and honestly, I did not know at this time the true potential I got in hands! Today, I know a little more! The potential is huge! Mix additive, apply the right baits; time and days will teach me much more!

From March until now, I used Imperial Baits all the time, and all the range of boilies cover all fishing situations and needs. Waters and carp behaviour are different from place to place, but there is some baits that I consider “all terrain”. Those baits produce catches everywhere I went, and they are Imperial Baits Scopana.Love and Imperial Baits Crawfish. When we try to land a big carp, our strategy is completely different when we need to catch carps just over 1,5kg. Knowing that, I will bet in Imperial Baits Scopana.Love, a very sweet boilie with some intense flavour certainly will do the job.

First Days, from Jun 29th to July 1

I was arrived at 18pm, after a working day. Tooke some time scanning the bottom and find the best place at 102 meters with depth 4,8 meters. After that, we start baiting the area using the kayak, placed the same amount of baits as you do it all day long with de spod rod. Saturday morning, starting baiting the area, this time using the spod rod after four months! During this training, I considered the most important casting the leads far way, using spod rod during long periods, be precisely in every cast, and creating routines that will help us in future. Therefore, this was the most important in this first training! In this lake, there are some professional fish man’s fishing with nets, but we are in some authorized spot by the Portuguese law for carp fishing during day and night! Portuguese government should not allow this!

Now, about the carps landed, that is a problem! Too many small carps below the limit of 1,5kg! For the first time I am fishing or training, I took my rods out of during the night! Could not stand it anymore! Disappointed, is the minimum I could say.

Is this first approach, I bet in just one baiting area, and put there Imperial Baits Scopana.Love 20mm, Imperial Baits Amino Pellets four and fifteen millimetres. Our success bait was Imperial Baits Scopana.Love with Imperial Baits Amino Dip and Gel (Scopana.Love, Peanut, Pineapple, Scopex Butter). The best combination of all was Imperial Baits Scopana.Love 16mm adding Imperial Baits Amino Dip Pineapple. Success!

More important, when fishing is this water at this depth, the Imperial Baits Scopana.Love dissolve slowing increasing the attraction for the hook bait!

Next training, July 12th to 14th

Arrived at 17:00 pm and for our surprise there is other teams in action! That´s very good! More teams, the more close to reality!

Friendship also very important! Sandro Tomás, Alfonso Cortez, António Lopes Nunes

First step, scanning the bottom, I try to find a nice place to start baiting up. This time, we decide to fish with more depth, around six meters, at distance of 112 meters. This will be the principal baiting area, alternative just half the way, where we got 2,4mt depth. The daylight is almost over, and we decide to bait just in the near spot, and explore this area during the night. New strategy, baiting up with 2,5 kg of groundbait, 3 kg Imperial Baits Amino Pellets 4 and 15mm.

Night falls and we got no action, contrary to what I thought when using groundbait! Not even small carps, what a hell? Sunrise, and is time to start baiting. Putting the leads far away and no action at all! Try activating the baiting area, and putting more 2,5kg of groundbait in distance 110 meters! Casting a little further, and sometimes even more distance, I achieve the 150 meters with a single hook bait Imperial Baits Scopana.Love.

No action at all! Bad day of fishing, changing many things, even reducing the diameter of the fluorocarbon hooklink, from 0.30 to 0.26! Nothing seems to result! Well, wen that happening we must understand all signals. Moreover, some little changes that we make in this training really block carps! I think I know what the major mistake…next training, I will see!

Final approach, from 26th to 28th July

This time I arrived earlier afternoon, about 15:00h, which give me more time to prepare better this finally approach! Set up everything very fast and at 16:00h I was scanning the bottom to find the best depth! From previous sessions, I achieve one important conclusion: the depth where we will put our bait is the major key! More important than what rather bait you put there, when we put groundbait and nothing happening that´s the most important clue we can get 😉 And so it was… finding the perfect depth of 4,8 meters at 100 to 110 meters distance, that’s a nice area! Half away, finding the depth of 3,3 meters, we will try one more time during the night. Previous training say that carps do not eat so close, we will try again…

Spot is marked,

now is time to start baiting, but there is another problem to deal with…strong wind front to us, impossible to hit the clip in the spod rod! 100 meters seems to be far away…not much to do, just wait some time and when de wind slows down a little, we start baiting up

we put 3 kg of Imperial Baits Scopana.Love 20mm cut in half’s with Imperial Baits Protein Concentred, and just a little of Imperial Baits Amino Complex. In the short spot, add to previous mix Imperial Baits Amino Pellets, 4, 15 and 25mm.

From past sessions,

I was able to achieve the best hookbait and possible combinations.
Moreover “This Is It!” – Imperial Baits Scopana.Love 16mm adding Imperial Baits Amino Dip´s / flavour, plus Imperial Baits Amino Gel, Scopana.Love, Pineapple, Peanut, Scopex Butter!
The key for success!


7:00am, we wake up early and at this time, there is no wind, and we took the opportunity to start baiting up, put the spomb´s in place, doing everything right and precise. Took one hour baiting!
At 10:00am, the “run´s” started! Amazing, the carps are feeding and responding to the sound of the spomb hit the water. One run, one carp! Two or three spomb´s in there is another run! Therefore, we went during the rest of the morning and afternoon so!

Seems we are doing everything well! The previous test´s show me the right way. Imperial Baits Scopana.Love is the right bet! They were able to catch more carp than any other bait we tested! This will be my bet!
Now, after three important probe´s is time to prepare rod´s, hooklinks, helicopter set-ups, everything must be perfect for the first round! Cannot guarantee the winning, lottery draw has a huge effect in result; I hope I could have some luck. Training was important, and now with some luck I think I could have a nice resulted, I am confident!

Until there, finger crossed! Wish me luck! I will do my best!

Denis Kraetzer

Dieser wunderschöne Spiegler konnte am letzten Wochenende dem 16mm IB Carptrack Crawfish black and white an einem mir fremden Baggersee nicht widerstehen .

Catch the BIG ONE
Euer Denis

Carp-talk at midnight

Rene, Sandra und Max bei einem Mitternachts-Talk

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