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Carp Time 2018 / 1 – with English subtitles!!!

Carp Time ist ein tschechisches Videomagazin, das kein geringerer als Imperial Fishing exklusiv Vertriebspartner für Tschechien und die Slovakai, David Fořt, ins Leben gerufen hat. Es erscheinen in regelmäßigen Abständen äußerst cool und sehr aufwändig produzierte Sendungen übers Karpfenangeln: Praxis, Technik Tests!
Sein Cutter Robin Löwe leistet excellente Arbeit, wie wir sie bis heute in der Karpfenszene nur sehr selten sehen.

Bisher erschien das Magazin leider nur auf tschechisch. Da die Nachfrage und Klickzahl aber stetig wächst, wurde nun erstmals eine Ausgabe mit englischem Untertitel zum produziert. Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung!

Carp Time Screenshots

Expo Review Montlucon 2018

Every two years the big Montlucon Carp & Cat Expo opens the doors. This year we had our booth full of Carptrack Boilies, Pop Ups, Additives, Dips, Gels, Flavours, Mixes and many more great stuff!

With these pictures we want to say THANK YOU to all visitors and we hope that we see you in 2020 again!

IB Team:

Damien Simonelli, Martin Baumgart, Gregory Lefebvre, Dylan Billot, Jérémie Goutheraud, Max Nollert

Pop Up Action – Juan Sosa

In general terms, carp can smell the food (olfactory system), perceiving the movement of food products in vivo, through their lateral line (but normally, this system is used to monitor other nearby fish), they can try their food (gustatory system), they feel their food using the touch, and of course, they can see their food, as long as the water is clear enough.

As it is known, the carp bases its vision on the scale of greys, that is, the carp does not see colour. But if it is true, that through some factors can see our equipment in different shades of grey. Some of these factors are the reflection of light in water, depth and of course the quality of it. Therefore, the fish will not see a yellow bait. However, in clean and shallow water, the yellow bait will be seen brighter than a brown bait. For all that, the knowledge of the chromatic scale will be advisable, in order to make good use of baits, since the colours are displayed differently in the water.

From all this, it could be inferred, that the vivid colours are more effective for fishing, since they are more visible. However, bright colours in nature send a cautious message. Initially, predators perceive the bright object as attractive, but soon learn to avoid any kind of bright, uncommon in nature.

There are usually two types of carps, depending on their diet.

1. AC which means adventurous consumer

2. DC which means conservative diet

Usually, AC carps feed on all types of food and they find it not difficult to add new foods to their diet. While, on the contrary, DC carps have a diet created from natural food and very reluctant to new things. Both carps usually coexist in the same waters.

Once we know how affects the chromatic range, the V POP Imperial Bait will be of great help to deceive our friends, thanks to a wide range of floating ranging from 16 to 24 mm and in a variety of colours.

This great variety will be of great help to combine it with our bait balls since sometimes the ball we like most is not the colour that works best in those waters. It is interesting to note that the V Pop are neutral, that is odourless. Are not you interested in the idea of a small feedlot and take a few meters V POP in a visible montage?

A very successful choice in many backdrops.

In my case I think the rose is very good for the Monster Paradise. Normally in fully balanced assemblies, so that at least attempt to absorb the hook is inserted completely. Another option would be to add a little dip to our V POP, to give it the desired smell.

Therefore, observe the water will be crucial to choose the colour of the V POP and combine it with that ball that we like.

Don´t hesitate, the V pop will be the best option to carry in your bag for covering all the option.

Tight lines! Juan Sosa

Expo Check at Sosnowiec from IB Team Members from Poland

From right to left: Tomek Sklarek, Damian Radomski, WOJTEK OZIMEK

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