Lac de Saint Cassien Fänge – von Jean Paul de Paula (JP)
Fishing in Belgium – from Glenn Labie and Jurgen Lievens




Lac de Saint Cassien Fänge
von Jean Paul de Paula (JP)

Der Franzose Jean Paul (JP) ließ uns kürzliche folgende Fotos vom legendären Lac de Saint Cassien zu kommen. Momentan dreht er wieder 40 kg des IB Carptrack CRAWFISH Boiliemix ab (bald auch im Shop erhältlich) und sein nächster Urlaubstrip steht bevor! Wir sind gespannt auf den Fangbericht nach seiner Rückkehr!

Jetzt schauen wir noch mal kurz in die Vergangenheit:

Dicke Cassien Perle, ein Fisch der alten Garde…

Dicker goldiger Schuppmann – auch nicht der Kleinste!

…es folgte dieser Silberbarren!

Catch & Release in Frankreich normal!

Alle fische gingen auf die neuen IB Carptrack CRAWFISH Boilies!
Jean Paul de Paula (JP)

Fishing in Belgium
from Glenn Labie and Jurgen Lievens

The water that we would approach this year was a difficult choice… Eventually we decided to start fishing on a busy circuit lake in our neighborhood. The lake is about 30 ha and has been intensely fished with boilies for a long time. So immediately a serious test for the products of Imperial Baits, as we started fishing as members of IB team Belgium this year. The lake is well stocked with a reasonable number of smaller carp of a recent fish expansion. We noticed that these carps especially get caught when instant fishing. This means that these carps, as eager azers, are the first to take the bait and disturb the fishing place quickly.
Iblog 4

The opportunity is much smaller in this way of fishing that bigger carp, who are shyer, have the chance to pick up the hookbait. So to increase our chances of catching bigger carp we chose to select a spot that we could prebait. As I said, it gets heavely fished each weekend. To be sure we could fish on our prebaited spot, we picked the spot that is the most remote and so little fished.

For the boilies we choose for a mix of Monster-Liver and Worm Up to 20mm. Initially the catches were difficult and slow. After a few weeks we saw the reason why. We fished only at night, but a few bites we had after sunrise. This made us realize that we might fishing on the wrong time of the day on this lake.

The bananarig proved to be very effective. During the spawning period a pink V-pop soaked in Elite Strawberry flavour and NHDC worked very well.

The obvious solution was daytime fishing, but due other commitments, this was very difficult. We did not want to give up our spot, and daytime fishing was not an option, so we had to try hard finding another solution. We tried to place our hookbaits anywhere else on the spot, much farther from the shore and in deeper water. We feeded some small plateaus with a big amount of baits, and very compact. And yes! This prooved to be the key to succes. From evening until moring, there would be plenty of bites.

The boilies we are feeding we soak with the Amino Complex Powder and Liquid Amino Complex. Because in the spring the fish likes to stay in the upper layers and we are fishing in deeper water, we add 1/3 of fish oil to the Liquid Amino Complex. These materials do well leak upstairs.
Iblog 2

Our pop-ups e soak for a long time in the corresponding Amino Dip…
Iblog 3

A successful quest so to us this spring gave great satisfaction. How we fare this summer on this lake, we will let you know in another blog. We go hunting for the record of this lake, a mirror of 25kg+. We also have a boat session of a week at a large public lake. More on this later…

The hookbait for the feeding spot: A banana rig with a Flying Monster-Liver, soaked in the Monster-Liver Amino Dip and finished with the Monster-Liver Gel. A killer!!!
Iblog 5


Stay tuned!
Glenn Labie and Jurgen Lievens
Imperial Fishing Belgium

iBoat 400 Feedback
von Florian Kaufmann

Vielen Dank nochmals für den Super Service. Es war alles bis Freitag bei mir. Ich konnte zwar keinen Fisch auf die Matte legen doch das iBoat 400 ist ein Traum!


Florian Kaufmann

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